Life is like a story that doesn’t always make sense…  Being the character instead of the reader can honestly be a real pill…We can’t skip ahead to see what will happen.  Can we trust the Omnipotent author to be kind with His pen?  Will we make the right decisions to be in the right place to complete our destiny?  Can we have peace?FullSizeRender

Peace is something of a rare commodity in the world today.  Unfortunately so is truth often times.  In my search for peace God keeps telling me to look for the truth in a situation.  Truth sets us free-gives direction-allows us to make wise decisions.  Truth is a jewel mined by the heart and soul.

Where does one find truth??  Well, except for out of the mouth of God Himself (the Bible) truth is found during the many adventures of life.  Just like many people can walk right by a raw, precious jewel on the ground and not know it…so it happens with truth.  But when a person knows what they are searching for and embarks on the journey-it will be found.

This blog is a place for me to keep all the truths that God shares with me in one spot.  Most of them are stories-either from my past where God taught me a lesson or one from the present where He is actively teaching me one.  Some are conversations, some revelations, but always a nugget of truth.



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